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Lupus Awareness Interview

I am so excited to kick off my new series of spotlight interviews with the beautiful Lauren of It’s so amazing to hear Lauren’s journey, ups and downs, and inspiring to see how strong and positive she is. So enough from me, let’s hear a little more from Lauren…

Lupus Awareness | Lupus Diagnosis | Chronic Illness Symptoms

About You…

What’s your name and where’d you come from? 

I’m Lauren and I’m from Kent. I’m 28, have an amazing husband Jack who is my best friend and we have a 2 year old daughter Olivia! We lived in Sydney for 6 years, I worked in medical recruitment! Jack’s a DJ, so life pre Lupus and Liv was hectic!! Party party. Now I’m in bed by 8 most nights haha!

What’s your favourite thing in the world to do?

I love spending quality time with Jack and Liv. And writing and raising awareness about Lupus! Anything to help others not feel so alone.

Your Condition

What conditions do you suffer with?

I have SLE and DLE. Lupus is an autoimmune disease which affects everyone in different ways. My symptoms range from the rash, hair loss, fatigue, joint pain, mouth ulcers, migraines, depression.

When were you diagnosed with Lupus?

I was diagnosed in February 2016 I was 27! I consider myself one of the lucky ones. I was diagnosed within a few weeks of going to the GP in Sydney. The rash was what made me go see him, he immediately referred me to a dermatologist who said straight away I think you have Lupus. He asked how I felt in general and as I thought about it… well crap was how I felt! Constantly tired, my joints hurt, mouth ulcers, I always had a headache- all things I thought was normal due to being a first time mum and working a full time job! He did a biopsy on the back of my neck and it came back positive for Lupus the week after. Then I was referred to a rheumatologist!

Can you tell us a bit more about living with Lupus?

It’s a struggle! I’m not going to lie! I put on a brilliant front and a huge smile… some days are better then others but every day there is something reminding me that I am sick.

What are the biggest struggles you face?

I sometimes struggle with Olivia, I worry that she will have memories of me being poorly but then again I push myself just for her. Making sure we do as much together as possible, some days it just isn’t doable do. I know my body and I know when I need to stop. Like today for example! I worry that I might bore jack as I always go to bed so early lol luckily he is amazing and has been the biggest support since I’ve been sick. He’s seen me in the worst states ever imaginable. And I’ve seen his heart break for me.

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Your Chronic Wellness Journey

Do you supplement your doctor prescribed medication with any other lifestyle changes? 

I eat as healthy as I can. I need to juice more as I love a green juice but coffee is so much easier… bad right! I walk every day, walkings as far as it gets lol I’d love more baths but Liv would just jump in!

What 3 things in your life have changes for the better since developing Lupus?

I’m closer than ever with Jack, I’m a better person, a lot stronger and braver then I ever knew and I’ve made some amazing friends along the way of my Lupus journey.

What would be the theme song for your chronic wellness journey so far?

Sia – the greatest! I had it on one day in the bath funnily enough and I just cried through the lyrics and felt it couldn’t have been more spot on.

Finally, what positive message would you give to any readers with Lupus or any other chronic illness?

Stay as positive as you can, it’s not always going to be easy and I believe after diagnosis it does get worse before it gets better but there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Enjoy life as much as you possibly can, listen to your body. Rest where you can.

Thank you so much to Lauren for this amazing interview. Such amazing advice from such an amazing lady. You can read more about Lauren on her blog at
or come and check her amazing community on social media:
If you have a similar journey to Lauren or have been struggling with Lupus symptoms or diagnosis, or if you just have a really positive tale about managing your symptoms, feel free to share below… I look forward to hearing from you…
Speak soon
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P.S. If you’re struggling to get a diagnosis of Lupus or any other Chronic Illness, you are not alone, check out my account in my blog post ‘Diagnosis Murder’...
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