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Are You Ready to Take Back Control?

Do you feel sick of feeling sick?

Are you stuck thinking why me?

Is balancing what you want from your life and your health proving tough?

I've been there, and I am here to tell you, it doesn't have to be that way.

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In early March 2015 a normal day for me, looked like a normal day in the life of many working parents.

A series of back to back, inane tasks took me through a variety of work and family based activities, tinged with guilty, performed under stress and usually at 100 mph.

And that had been my life, with a few variations, for several years at least.

However, fast forward one month to April 2015 and my life looked entirely different…

Most of my days involved me being manoeuvred into bed, onto the couch or into the shower with the help of my Husband or Mum. I couldn’t leave the house without a wheelchair, I couldn’t bathe myself independently, I couldn’t work. I couldn’t even make my children a drink or tuck them in bed at night.

It was devastating.

In the space of few weeks, my life went from ‘normal’, to completely upside down at the hands of neurological illness. And with it so did the lives of my husband, my 10 year old step daughter, my 7 year old son and my immediate family.

Was it a shock? Of course! But should it have been? Maybe not.

Nearly 3 years later, where am I now?

Well I am delighted to tell you that I’m in a very different place, but not in the way you might think.

Am I symptom free, no. In fact, whilst some symptoms recovered others got worse, and I am still tied in an endless spiral of tests and diagnosis, specialist after specialist. The current thinking and investigations, looking at a rare autoimmune disease.

So why the delight?

Because my life is great! I feel joy everyday and have amazing experiences that continue to excite and develop me, week after week. And the best bit about it, is that I’m only at the very beginning. The beginning of a new adventure, of new opportunities. And it’s not by coincidence.

It’s by design!

When you accept where you are, when you find the guts to turn the spotlight onto your life and see it for the taking, you start to take control.

And when you start to take control, everything changes.

Do I still have days that I sit on kitchen floor sobbing because my body is so painful and so fatigued that I don’t know how to go on? Of course I do, I don’t claim to no longer be human. The difference is, that now I have access to my own hero. One that I can call upon at any time I need her. And I KNOW that she has what it takes to pick me up and keep me going; to experience joy even in the darkest of times; to find me the energy follow my passions, even when any additional energy feels like distant dream.

This is what I want for you! This is what I want to show you, that you can achieve.

And I want you to want it too, for yourself!

Because deep down I know that you know it’s possible.

That’s why I became a coach, and that’s why you were drawn to me, my website, facebook page or wherever it was you found me.

I want to show you how I did it, to share my journey and challenge you to start your own. To take back ownership of all parts of your life. To take back control.

So let’s get started warrior, and take those first few steps from chronic ill health, to Chronic Wellness. 

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K 💕