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Take back control.

I want you to imagine your world without the constant nagging of your chronic illness. It's your world, but you're in control. You're driving the car and your condition has been relegated to the back seat.

Let's start now.

Download my free Take Back Control printable workbook, and take the first steps towards changing your story, from one of chronic illness, to one of Chronic Wellness...

Welcome to my Chronic Wellness Blog! I am so excited to have you here!  I can only assume that like me you’ve reached a point where you’ve had enough of your Chronic Illness, Disability or just Generalised Unwellness and are ready to start taking steps towards Chronic Wellness!

My Story

I’ve battled with my own health for many years, which lead to my own quest for Chronic Wellness. It was this journey that inspired me to start my blog, so that I could share some of the things I’ve learned along the way with you.

Along my journey of health ups and downs, single handedly the MOST important thing that I have learned is that the key to finding my best health (whatever conditions I have faced) is to be found when I got out of my own way and got in control of my wellness.

I’ve spent a lot of time over the years, sitting on my arse and waiting for a Doctor to find that one solution to my problems, and so I know first hand how demoralising and devastating this can be. I also have a much better understanding now that there are very few illnesses for which a one pill solution is the answer. The body is so complex that when any part of it gets out of balance, it can throw our health into chaos.

Please don’t misunderstand me here, I’ not suggesting that a simple change to diet or lifestyle can cure your chronic illness. However, trying to get our body to the most balanced and happiest place possible, will make a huge difference to how we feel physically and mentally, and bring us a lot closer to the life we desperately want and are ready to lead.

And the first step to this amazing, joy filled life?

Take back control.

Are you ready to become a Wellness Warrior? 

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